$7,595 towards $15,000 goal!


We need your help to raise $15,000 in viewer support/donations to properly release the John Howe Documentary film.  With this amount raised, we will seek matches through Corporate Sponsorship, Public & Private Grants.

Importance of Viewer Support cannot be overstated; it serves as literal demonstration of broad-based support to the reviewers in companies and granting institutions.

In 2012, $7,600 (after Kickstarter fees) was raised through a Kickstarter campaign.  While this got us through filming, it simply wasn’t enough.  Those monies got us through three years of archival research and production: location filming during the production phase of the film.  Interviews were conducted Mrs. Howe and Louis Wiehle in California.  Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Archives Director, Fellow, and foremost Frank Lloyd Wright expert at Taliesin West.  Location photography at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  Interviews with 13 original Howe clients and 3 apprentices from Howe’s post-Fellowship practice.

While the film is done, post-production requires paying licensing fees to the archives, artists, animators, and technicians who I heavily rely upon so the film can be released and come into your home.  Proper disc manufacturing and printing is another big piece of the post-production expense.

Know that your contribution will create a public, permanent record of one of Mr. Wright’s closest associates, told in his own voice.

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has partnered with this film and we can provide IRS qualifying tax donation documentation to recognize your help in this important preservation project.


Funds will be used to pay for:

– Conservation of selected original John Howe drawings at Northwest Architectural Archives.
– Four architectural archives where information for this film comes from.
– A stunning animation sequence of an unbuilt Howe design, that Wright deemed “Special”.
– Original soundtrack created and performed by Rick Wakeman.
– Quality graphics, mastering and packaging of this documentary film.

A link to further information on Preservation Alliance of Minnesota is on our Links page.

Please consider donating to help preserve the legacy of John Howe, the unsung “accomplice” in Frank Lloyd Wright’s own words.

Thank You!